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Unhealthy Markers

Healthy BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a mathematical way to determine if an individual may be underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. The goal for most people is a BMI that is between 19 and 24.9. BMI over 25 is considered overweight and over 30 obese.

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Unhealthy Hip-to-Waist Ratio?

Waist-to-Hip ratio looks at the proportion of fat stored on your body around your waist and hip. It is a simple but useful measure of fat distribution. Most people store their body fat in two distinctive ways: around their middle (apple shape) and around their hips (pear shape). Having an apple shape (carrying extra weight around the stomach) is riskier for your health than having a pear shape (carrying extra weight around your hips or thighs). This is because body shape and health risk are linked. If you have more weight around your waist you have a greater risk of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes than those with weight around their hips.

Women should have a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.8 or less, men should have a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.95 or less. Waist-to-hip ratio is calculated by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement.

Waist Measurement Chart Women (in feet and inches)
Height Ideal Overweight Obese
5'-1" 24" 28.4"-31.5" >31.5"
5'-2" 24.5" 29.1"-32.2" >32.2"
5'-3" 25" 29.9"-33.0" >33.0"
5'-4" 26" 30.7"-33.8" >33.8"
5'-5" 26" 31.5"-34.6" >34.6"
5'-6" 26.5" 32.3"-35.4" >35.4"
5'-7" 27" 33.1"-36.2" >36.2"
5'-10" 27.5" 35.5"-38.6" >38.6"
6'-0" 28" 37.1"-40.2" >40.2"
Waist Measurement Chart for Men (in feet and inches)
Height Ideal Overweight Obese
5'-6" 29" 33"-36" >36"
5'-7" 31" 34"-37" >32.2
5'-8" 31.2" 35"-38" >33.0
5'-9" 31.7" 36"-39" >33.8
5'-10" 32" 37"-40" >34.6
5'-11" 32.6" 38"-41" >35.4
6'-0" 33.1" 39"-42" >36.2
6'-2" 34" 41"-44" >38.6
6'-4" 35" 43"-46" >40.2


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