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Healthy Digestion


As many individuals age they produce lower concentrations and amounts of one or more important digestive fluids. Complete and proper digestion is very important to your overall health and specifically to your blood sugar balance. Some foods are more demanding to digest, and unfortunately, many of these, like protein and fat, are also very important to your blood sugar balance. Additionally, these foods and the nutrients they contain are also critical to your long-term health.


Digestive problems are rampant in America! Prescription drugs, and over the counter medications for digestive problems, are one of the largest selling groups of the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, many of the common symptoms related to aging can be the result of less than optimal digestion and absorption over long periods of time. Weak nails, declining quality of hair and skin, flatulence, indigestion, fatigue after meals, and declining bone density, are some of the more common symptoms related to long-term compromised digestion. However, these problems are not only common to the elderly, but also to younger individuals who experience many of these same symptoms due to compromised digestion. Weight gain is one of those key issues.


The good news is that reversing chronic digestive problems and improving and ensuring your digestion and absorption of these important foods and nutrients is relatively easy with the addition of proper nutritional products. Your Health Practitioner will make recommendations if there are indications that you need support in this area. With a healthy diet and the right digestive support, you can rely on an improvement in any symptoms that were related to compromised digestion. This will assist you in maintaining your WeightlossforLife.


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