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Health Problems Preventing Weight Loss

Americans have failed miserably at maintaining weight loss once they get off their diet. These challenges may have nothing to do with the food they eat or their lifestyle. The reasons may have more to do with certain health challenges they develop, not conducive to the body's ability to burn calories and maintain an efficient metabolic state.

Cick on anyone of the 10 health conditions below to better understand how they can compromise your ability to maintain weight loss over time.

Once you have educated yourself on some of the health challenges that can prevent weight loss success, take the WICO® Wellness questionnaire and have one of our specially trained Health Care Practitioners review your test results and address any health conditions that may prevent you from experiencing weight loss for life.

Unhealthy Markers
Food Allergies
Blood Sugar Balance
Healthy Adrenal Glands
Your Liver & Gallbladder
Healthy Digestion
Healthy Minerals
Healthy Flora
Importance of B Vitamins
Essential Fatty Acids

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