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Food Allergies


Many individuals suffer chronic health symptoms that are related to a bio-chemical reaction to specific foods. Often they have been suffering for years from this kind of reaction without any idea as to the source of their problem. Some of these reactions result from food allergies as defined by traditional medical testing. However, we know that many individuals have reactions to foods, to which they have not tested allergic by traditional methods. Either way, the result is usually chronic symptoms, compromised health and quality of life.


Food reactions include many different manifestations that one has from eating a specific food. The array of symptoms is unlimited. This can literally include an A - Z listing of symptoms. A partial list includes: arthritis symptoms, many different skin conditions including acne, and eczema, heart arrhythmias, headaches including migraines, indigestion, sleep disturbances, gall bladder pain, asthma symptoms, fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain and the list goes on and on. Sometimes the only apparent short-term symptom is sudden weight gain from water retention. Whatever the effect, we are healthier without it.


These reactions are always most noticeable when a food has been avoided for an extended period of time and then reintroduced. Learning that you react to these foods can make a significant difference in your health. While on the Ultra Lite or U-Lite program, you will be taken off many of the typical foods which people have a reaction to and this is why you might start experiencing allergic symptoms once you start eating normal foods again. If you have had chronic symptoms that either have been completely eliminated or significantly reduced while on the Ultra-Lite Weight Loss Phase, watch carefully for the return of any of those symptoms. If this happens suddenly, review the foods reintroduced in the 24 hours preceding the reaction, and report that information to your health care practitioner as soon as possible. In the meantime avoid any of the foods that were reintroduced in the prior 24 hours. If these symptoms return slowly over time, be sure to report the return of your symptoms to your Healthcare Practitioner at your next appointment and they will instruct you as to how to proceed. With the assistance of your Practitioner you will be able to determine which food or foods are the offender. This important information can make a dramatic difference in your long-term health, health care, wellness and vitality.


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