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Essential Fatty Acids


Although the modern diet is relatively high in fat, it is greatly deficient in essential fatty acids. These fats are essential for life and for optimal cellular function. In the distant past the dietary intake of these fats was primarily achieved through the consumption of large amounts of fish (specific types), game, raw nuts, and very large quantities of vegetables. As a result of the tremendous change in our modern diets, our consumption of these essential fats has dramatically declined. Nutritional experts have concluded that at least 80% of Americans are deficient in these essential fatty acids.


Essential Fatty Acid deficiencies have been associated with a myriad of health problems. Relative to weight related problems, the most common diseases include Cardio Vascular Disease (irregular heart beat, blood vessel inflammation, blood viscosity, issues with cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and blood pressure problems), and Cancer, and Type II Diabetes risk. Additionally, Essential Fatty Acid deficiencies are associated with many other conditions related to the brain and nervous system; chronic inflammatory conditions, digestive tract, skin and eye health, immune, and hormonal problems. Essential fatty acids are important in relation to maintaining your weight loss and in relationship to your metabolism and blood sugar control mechanisms.


Supplementing with high quality fats (there are many oil supplements that are poor quality and even detrimental to you health) is the key to your long-term weight loss success as well as your overall wellness quotient. Your Health Care Practitioner will assist you by recommending the best quality essential fat product for you and will determine your ideal daily dosage. Continue your essential fatty acid supplementation on a daily basis, supporting your quest for health and your success at WeightlossforLife.


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