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Calorad®ADVANCED - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the The Aloe Vera in Calorad®ADVANCED
It plays no role in weight loss; it contains enzymes that assist in the metabolic process of collagen.

2. Is Calorad®ADVANCED taken on an empty stomach? Yes.

3. How will taking Calorad®ADVANCED on a full stomach change its efficacy?
Hydrolysat is the only collagen supplementation available today that DOES NOT go through the digestive system since it is absorbed directly through the stomach. Therefore, there is no breakdown by the digestive system. It is bioavailable in its pure form that will be directly absorbed into the blood stream with no wasting of time or energy by the digestive process. The amino acid chain remains intact. These amino acids are building blocks of collagen. Take Calorad®ADVANCED on an empty stomach. As the hydrolysat works to build lean muscle and provide for the other collagen deficiencies that may exist, the only available energy is stored fat!

4. Why do you say that Calorad® ADVANCED can provide a better night’s sleep?
Calorad®ADVANCED provides the fuel that allows the body to actually achieve a deep sleep. We need a sufficient amount of energy to fall asleep. In the first 45 – 90 minutes of sleep your body goes into delta sleep mode, the deepest form of sleep where the body naturally repairs itself, builds muscle and breaks down fat. During this process the body searches for a source of energy and fuel to fulfill this function. Calorad®ADVANCED acts as the fuel for this natural process.

5. Why should I take Calorad®ADVANCED before working out?
You would take Calorad® ADVANCED to improve stamina and provide energy. Exercise is stress to the body in some sense and stress will tear down muscle tissue. It is more important to stop muscle breakdown. By providing your body with a high-energy food like Calorad® ADVANCED - you give the body the opportunity not to steal from itself.

6. Can I take Calorad®ADVANCED if I have alcohol present in my bloodstream?
Calorad®ADVANCED works best on an empty stomach. Alcohol does have to pass through the digestive system. We suggest only water for at least three hours before consuming Calorad®ADVANCED.

7. Does Calorad® ADVANCED contain any stimulants?
No! Calorad® ADVANCED contains natural ingredients that are safe and effective. There are NO STIMULANTS in Calorad such as ma huang, ephedra, gaurana, white willow bark, cola nut, caffeine, etc.

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