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Blood Sugar Balance


When your blood sugar is too low, you will often desire or crave foods that keep your blood sugar out of balance. These foods are readily available and they provide you with that attractive, quick fix. These foods are the same foods that cause you to gain excess weight.


Unfortunately and potentially threatening to keeping your weight off, these same foods eventually will cause you to experience the return of an array of blood sugar symptoms including everything from food cravings, fatigue, headaches, chronic pain and inflammation, and of course weight gain. Insidiously, they will create a biochemical desire for more of these same foods, creating a roller coaster effect on your blood sugar, resulting in eating more of these same foods, and in time, the return of weight gain!


Blood Sugar Balance is the single most important biochemical key to the success of most patients losing weight and maintaining it! Besides the blood sugar balancing effect from eating correctly, there are numerous systems within the body which, when working optimally, make it much easier for the body to maintain balanced blood sugar. This not only promotes a greater sense of wellbeing, it also makes it much easier for the body not to desire the foods that are most threatening to your long-term success.

Blood Sugar Balance is the single most important biochemical key to the success of most patients losing weight and maintaining their weight loss for life! Your Health Practitioner will assess which patterns of nutritional support are most important to ensure your biochemistry is supporting your blood sugar balance. With proper nutrient support, your ability to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance will be greatly increased, supporting your success in maintaining your weight loss for life! The three most common and important areas of nutrient support needed to maintain long term blood sugar balance include nutrient support for your Adrenal Glands, Liver and Gall Bladder and your Digestive System.


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